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tab plus pay off upfront


I currently have an iPhone 4 with no tab, and I'm looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6 on the Tab Plus plan (https://www.koodomobile.com/phones/iphone-6-16-gb

From a previously asked question, I understand that I can pay off the tab plus amount for the phone upfront, but would be [i]required to switch to a tab plus plan

However, I really like the plan that I'm currently on ($35/month)
and don't want to switch to tab plus plans ( > $44/month )

I would also like to take advantage of the pricing discount for the tab plus option 
($21 for 24 months = $504, [b]VS tab regular for $15 for 24 months + $414 = $774)

This is a bit of a confusing question, so I'll break it down into steps
To avoid switching to tab plus plans and keep my [b]current plan but with the[b] new phone, am I able to: 

1. Firstly, open a [b]new line/account on the tab plus plan for the iPhone 6

2. Pay off the tab immediately 
    (and possibly the amount owed for the first month of service)

3. And then put the [b]new phone onto my [b]old account with my old plan ($35/month)

Are there any commitment rules to the tab/plan? (eg. minimum time that you must stay)


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Hi Ting, With the Tab Plus on new accounts/lines you must keep it for 90 days before you are allowed to pay it off. Therefor this will not work. You will need to get the regular tab option and pay most of the phone upfront and keep your current plan.
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Also, Tab Plus $44 plan includes "Local Minutes" , It's not Canada wide.
So if you call your friends/ family in different city, you will get $0.5/min long distance charge.

And you might save $270 upfront cost with Tab plus, but you will need to pay $34(if you go with regular canada wide) more per month for your plan for next 24 monts.