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Tab billing inquiry

I'm going to be getting an iphone 5c white 8gp on a $28 dollar plan, am I able to pay at the end of that month?? Thanks for your time 🙂

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Do you have an account with Koodo already? Do you have any negative tab now?
I dont have the cash at the moment, and No I'm not currently with koodo.

So do I have to pay up front for my monthly balance, or at the end of the month?

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If you don't have an account with Koodo and want to sign up a monthly/postpaid account with them, They will need to run a credit check on you. So don't forget to bring proper ID when you go to a store. If you passed it, you can choose $28 plan. iPhone 5C 8 GB seems have a promo with the tab which means you don't need to pay upfront. You put $360 on the tab and you will pay $15 per month for 24 month for the phone. They will send you a first bill with partial charge of your plan plus full month charge in the advance and tab charge. Your regular monthly plan will be $28 + $15 (of course plus tax and any overage if you went over your limit)