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tab balance

Tab Bal.if you O $ on your phone does the tab show  10  or - 10

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If your tab balance is paid off, it should show 0.
My plan has 3 numbers.
Only 1 was a koodo phone. And it was a hand me down from a diff. plan shows $50
2nd phone shows $25
3rd show $0
there was 1 referral made 
should the Tab show   25  or -25 and count down

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So, you have 3 lines. And you bought 1 phone from Koodo?
If you still have tab balance, it should show you -$xx amount. 
But if it says $50, you might paid off your tab balance and accumulated positive tab.
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Hi Rick, 

On line 1, you've accumulated $50 in Positive Tab because you brought your own phone.

On line 2, you seem to have received the $25 Tab credit for the referral.

On line 3, you are probably on the Sim Only Tab in which there is no Positive Tab accumulation. 

Hope that answers your question 🙂