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Tab and Buying New Phone

My iPhone 5S recently broke and[b] I still have $161.75 on my tab, could I[b] pay off my tab and[b] buy the iPhone 6 16GB for $360 on a new tab? Or is there some way of [b]upgrading or something? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Joana!

You definitely can! Only thing to note is that on that type of tab (Tab Plus) you will need to take a tab plus plan which are a little more costly, but actually a little more reasonable than before. Take a look at your options, if the plans don't meet your needs, you can put 360$ towards the tab and pay 500$ upfront plus your old tab and get any of the plan options. If not, you can go the tap plus route, and pay 360$ upfront plus your existing tab.

Also, remember that the tab will cost you 15$ or 21$ on top of your plan to pay off your tab within 2 years.
Thank you!