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Switching Plans To Another Phone

I was given a phone from a relative, which is a 5S and I currently have the 4S. Can you transfer my existing plan on my 4S over to the 5S phone? This phone is with Koodo, not sure the existing plan - or if there is any plan at all.

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If they use the same size SIM you only have to transfer the SIM from your old phone to the new one. If the new one needs a smaller SIM, you'll have to get one from Koodo and you can transfer the service to the SIM online or visit a kiosk where they'll do everything for you
The 4S I currently have is an 8G and the 5S is a 32G. So am I going to have to buy a smaller SIM card. And how much would those normally go for? Basically, my problem was is that I found the 8G was too small of a space for all the items I want to place in my phone, so I wanted to upgrade to a bigger spaced phone and luckily my relative had it and was willing to give it away.
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The 4s uses a micro SIM while the. 5s uses a nano SIM.

Prepaid Sims are 20$

Postpaid (monthly bill) Sims are 10$

Buy here: https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/a...

Or visit a koodo shop