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switching phones to one from another company

so my friend is selling an iphone 4s, since it doesn't not have a sim card, how would It work? like the phone and everything? I would hve to get unlocked though considering my friend is with fido.... HELP PLEASE

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Hi Amina, your friend could ask Fido how much it would be for them to unlock the phone, or you could have it unlocked by a service such as cellunlocker.net :) 

Are you already with Koodo? If so, all you need to do is insert your own SIM card into the 4s, simple at that 🙂
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You have to buy a SIM Card from koodo if your present one doesnt fit. ($10 for postpaid, $20 for prepaid) and then you can just go to your self serve account and select to change phones and input the # on the SIM Card and the card will become active in about 15 minutes. Then pop the SIM Card into the phone and away you go. Well after the phone is unlocked yes. If your present SIM Card fits just pop it out of your present phone and into the new phone and away you go. After its unlocked.
You have to buy a SIM Card from Koodo as Paul said then put it in your friends iPhone 4S. If it ask you for unlock code then you need to unlock it. Or you can use cellunlocker like what Sophia said. I recommend you use cellunlocker because Fido charges a lot to unlock phones.
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Unlocking iphones are not cheap. Always get the carrier to unlock it if you can

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Also with the iPhone being with fido it WILL have a sim card. Only some iPhone 4 models sold in the USA do not take a sim (Verizion iPhone 4). All 4S models do.