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switching phones and changing number

I have the iphone 4 and just got the iphone 5s for my birthday, can i transfer all my info to my new phone by sim card?? and Once doing this can I still change my phone number to a new one?

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Hi Jessica, Of course, on both questions 🙂 Just activate the new SIM card in self service and you're good to go. You can change your number in self service as well, this has nothing to do with your new phone really... you can do that at any given time 🙂 Congrats on your new phone!
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If you meant transferring data like contacts, photos, etc. then the SIM card can only store contacts, and that's only if you've saved them there. Since you're moving from one iPhone to another, iTunes is probably the best way of getting previous info sync'd onto your new phone. Plug in your old iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, back up your phone. Then, plug in your new iPhone and restore from that backup. I think you can do this wirelessly with iCloud too.
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As you said Jonathon, the best way to transfer contacts is using itunes. The problem with saving contacts to your SIM card is that iphone 4 uses a microsim, and iphone 5 uses a nanosim - so they are not compatible, sorry