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Switching phones.

Is this how I would upgrade my phone/plan: 1. Pay off remaining tab balance. 2. Pick new phone (in this case iphone 4s) 3. upgrade plan from tab s to tab med Will it cost me to activate the new phone? Will it cost to switch from tab s to tab med? Will I be able to take the sim card from my old phone and put it in the ophone?

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No, No but you'd have to find that phone as it's not sold online. Upgrading your tab would have to be done at a kiosk. maybe depending on what phone you have now.
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Hi there, You are right when it comes to the first part of your assessment of how things work. In answering your questions here it goes: 1. Koodo does not charge for activation fees, 2. When it comes to upgrading to tab medium, if you have a balance from your old phone you can choose to charge it to your next bill or pay it off when you upgrade. Also when you switch to tab medium the only requirement is that you have a plan that is $30 a month or more, and you pay an extra $5 a month for a tab charge which will help pay off the device faster. 3. What kind of phone do you currently have? If you go to a iPhone 4S it requires a micro sim card. If you have a regular sim card you will need to buy a new sim card for the phone. Hope that helps answer your questions 🙂