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Switching from a phone with no SIM to an iphone 4

  • 26 December 2013
  • 4 replies

i currently have a blackberry 8530 that doesn't have a SIM Im trying to switch to an unlocked iphone 4 but it says the SIM is invalid? do I need to have a Koodo SIM card?

4 replies

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You can always go to the nearest store, get yourself a Sim Card for 10$ and they will be able to register into the system...
The message "Sim invalid " indicates that your iPhone 4 is not properly unlocked . I think you had unlocked your iPhone 4 temporarily.So, invalid sim message appears . Better, you can get permanent unlocking solution ( Remote unlocking service ) from the provider http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/apple-iphone-4/rs1wp9/ to unlock your iPhone 4 . After unlocking your iPhone 4, you can use any other GSM carriers internationally .