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iPhone 5c is 13.5 months old, so 1.5 months past warranty period (in Alberta).  No WiFi reception, just keeps spinning, trying to find WiFi.  Toggled "WiFi" on and off, rebooted internet modem several times (even though laptop and iPad have no problem whatsoever with WiFi reception), toggled "airplane mode" on and off" shut off "location services" in icloud and turned it back on.  Took phone to Apple store, only other suggestion he had was to wipe clean and do a complete restore.  Did this twice.  No luck.  Still have a tab to pay.   How can I convince Koodo to give me a good deal on another phone, even though this phone is out of warranty?  Seems ridiculous to have a phone I haven't paid for yet, with no Wifi, just barely over a year old.  Should be an Apple problem, I know, but they said "out of warranty"...  Please help!

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You can not force koodo to give you a deal unfortunately. The only ones you can force is Ape to replace your phone by insisting that a phone should not break 1.5 myths after warranty is over.
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Hey Anne! If you do happen to purchase another iPhone, you can purchase the Applecare+ warranty to the phone which extends the warranty from 1 to 2 years and even gives you the option to replace a damaged iPhone (with a fee). You can find more info about AppleCare+ here ->http://www.apple.com/ca/support/products/iphone.html . We also offer our own extended warranty for all devices excluding iPhones, which you can find more info here ->http://koo.do/22o0iQh
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Please try this:

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Your phone will restart. You'll lose any saved WiFi passwords.