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Swapped Iphones, but not updating in self serve

I just upgraded to the new Iphone and i used the sim card out of my old phone and everything works fine, but it is still showing the info from my old iphone under my account. I was told to reset the network setting, to make it update the info, but no luck. The only reason i want to ensure the right phone is listed on my account so that later on it can be unlocked. Thanks!!

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I've had mixed results. I swap between a lot of devices & sometimes it takes 15mins, other times it takes 24hrs & at most it's taken a complete billing cycle. I'd suggest calling Koodo to see if they can manually reset the setting for you so it will update.
Unless Being changed by a Koodo authorized agent or dealer it takes a minimum of 24hrs. for self serve to update but sometimes hit and miss just depends on the back log for the sim to respond imei number over the network.
Thanks for the feedback, I will wait and give it a few days. Did you do anything else other than reset the network settings and restart the phone?
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What is not updating? The phone number? If you take the sim out of your old iphone and put that sim in the new iphone, the phone name/description for that same sim card does not get updated on self serve (ex. I put my S4 mini into my Moto G and self serve still calls it a S4 mini). I agree, it's stupid but it seems the phone description only gets changed if an upgrade is done and I told the person at the kiosk I am using my current sim. I'm sure it can manually be changed on Koodo's end but it shouldnt make any difference to your service or any future unlocking
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Every time I register my iPhone 5S on Koodo via Self Serve it ends up showing up as Telus Lumia 620. When I use my Lumia 1020, it's showing up as unknown. In the end, it doesn't affect anything.