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Supposedly Unlocked iPhone asking for a SIM card, even on Itunes.

Having been fed up with my iPhone 5S, I paid off the balance and got a Moto X play instead. Koodo took the sim card out of the Iphone and installed it in the Moto X. I then called Koodo to have the iPhone unlocked to give it to my sister in law. After agreeing to the $35 charge, I was given instructions to back the phone up on itunes, reset and erase all content and re-boot the iphone. I should have gotten a "you've unlocked your phone" message but all I get is "Sim Required - Please insert a SIM card". I don't have another SIM card. How can I be sure the phone is unlocked?

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I did same with my iPhone 6 a week ago and I didn't had another SIM card to check but it is unlocked and I used it in middle east on my vacation. Don't worry follow the steps only.
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Just pop the SIM Card out of your new phone and pop it into the old phone to finish whatever it's required for then pop it back into our new phone.