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Subscription Cancellation?

  • 12 March 2014
  • 2 replies

I'm an exchange student leaving Canada on 30th April 2014. As such, I won't be needing my Koodo subscription beyond that date. Whom and how long in advance should I notify for this? Also, is it possible so that I receive service exactly till the 30th? (even though my billing cycle is in the middle of the month)

2 replies

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If you talk to the cancellation department they MAY be able to arrange it that it stops on the next day - most people want to be able to use their phone on the day that they are leaving (ie. calling friends, texting, calling a cab to go to the airport, etc...) There is no harm in calling now and seeing if you can arrange for the day that it cancels.
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I'd suggest call before the end of your billing cycle to prevent getting billed for another month of services. There's a seasonal hold available at $15 a month if you wish to retain the # until you get back of that would be an option. If you cancel you will be billed for the tab if any owing.