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Stop billing charges, If not using phone.

I am not going to be in the country, so I would not being using my sim. How do I stop a monthly bill if I am not using my phone so no charges would come through? As in i'm not going to be in Canada for a few months and would not being using my Canadian number or phone plan. How do I stop the monthly charges from coming through. As well as being able to enable the plan when I return in August?

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You can put your plan on seasonal hold for $15/month but when you get back you can only get a current in-market plan at that time.
ok thank you very much 🙂
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I highly recommend looking at the current plans before doing this. All the plans now are absolutely horrible compared to older plans. You will probably end up paying much more for the same stuff when you come back. Also remember that you'll have to choose an in-market plan at the time you come back so plans may change even more (for the better or worse).