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Stolen Phone and Tab Balance Inquiry

My iPhone was stolen while travelling abroad, so if I choose to pay off my tab, can I get out of my contract so as not to continue paying for a data plan I can't use?

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You could always switch to a talk and text plan (assuming you are not on a Tab L). But yes if you want to close your account you will have to pay off your tab.
koodo is great for situations like this, no plans, no dedication, just the tab! the will gladly stop your plan or change it for you
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You could look on a buy and sell site / Facebook page in your area and find a used iPhone for cheap (also check out Kijiji) and just continue on with your plan and your tab will just continue to be paid off like it's always been. You could also pay off your tab and get a new iPhone on a new tab and then you'd still have a phone. *make sure to go into your self serve or call Koodo and suspend the line or the person who finds your phone can run your bill up sky high in a matter of hours.*