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stolen iphone

so my iphone was stolen from me while on vacation in the middle east so there's no possibility of a safe return i wanted to know what koodo's policy on stolen phones was so i can get a new phone asap

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You should go onto your self serve immediately and disconnect service from the phone or you'll be charged for anything the thief does with your phone (ie, making calls, using Internet, ect). Then go out and buy a new phone either from Koodo or elsewhere that is compatible with koodo frequencies and unlocked & buy a new SIM Card from Koodo or if you buy a phone from Koodo it will come with the phone and activate the new SIM Card on your account through self serve or have them do it for you at a kiosk when you buy everything. ** Koodo has a new 3 tier tab system that may allow for you to get a phone with no cash out of pocket at time of purchase if your eligible. Then you just pay off the tab each month. (for more details check out the plans page of the Koodo website or visit your local koodo kiosk or authorized dealer **
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Koodo unfortunately has no policy to cover a stolen phone so you'll need to replace it on your own. As Paul said though you should deactivate it immediately through Self Serve, You should also report it as stolen.
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Hi Josie, I'm sorry to hear that, just as Mr. Burke stated above. There is no policy that covers lost or stolen phones. However, you can check how much tab redeemable amount on your account. Come to a koodo kiosk and ask for a certified pre-owned iPhone. They are heavily discounted and very affordable and is ONLY offered to customers who is in your situation.