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Still have not received shipping/tracking information.

I ordered a iPhone 7 32 GB online last week, and still have not received a shipping/tracking email. Is this amount of time to wait normal? I've called the web store, left a message and sent the web store an email, but I haven't gotten a reply. Normally I wouldn't overly mind, but my current phone is just barely clinging onto life.

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Hi Briean, no wait times are especially long right now due to a huge influx in orders, be patient they're working on gettin those orders though asap. Leave your oder number below and a Rep may be able to check it for you.
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Please see other people posting about the same thing as you did (https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/new-order-missing-information)

As for an answer, here's  an employee's answer in another question similar to yours.

[...], rest assured we are on it, just backed up given the volume of people ordering due to great sale and the back-to-school period. 

[...], we have had some challenges with the sea of orders we got. We certainly underestimated demand. If you wish to cancel your order I totally understand. Pls send an email to webstore@koodomobile.com.

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it! For sure, my order number is: HFO18549812