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Someone else using my Data?

There is a huge discrepancy in data use between my phone stats and Koodo. More than half a gig difference. I had the phone checked at an independent lab they report no large data consumption. Why the rip off?

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The phones built in data counter is extremely inaccurate and really only gives a very broad measurement. It doesn't round up to the nearest Kb nor does it not count data used for Mms. All in all it's a gimmick. Each session of data your use is rounded to the nearest kilobytes. Over the course of a month that could add up. Also data re starts on your bill date. Not on your due date. You can find the bill date in self serve.

If you want a more accurate count I'd suggest an app like 3G watchdog (android) which can be programmed to follow the rules carriers use to determine data use. Not sure what app you can use on iPhone.

Btw What was the name of the lab? They should've been able to explain all this as well.
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How does an independent lab test data consumption ?
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I totally agree with chad also check your settings and make sure that your hot spot isnt on. the lab should of checked this but just to make sure. i am also curious as to what lab you took this to to get tested.