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Someone else receives phone if I don't

  • 9 September 2018
  • 3 replies

Using an iPhone with prepaid service.
When someone calls me and I don't receives it, it seems to be forwarded to someone else. The receivers seem to be random. Different every time. More worse, the forwarded call gets charged on my usage. As far as I know, call forwarding is not available for prepaid? Also, the call forwarding is disabled on my iPhone and it wasn't successful when I tried to put a number that I know. Someone has to fix this asap!! There's no way to fix in the self service, either.

3 replies

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hi seoingcho,
If you didn't pick up your phone, incoming calls should be sent to your voicemail. Have you setup your voicemail?.  If you think your phone are forwarding somewhere, try to disable it with this help https://www.koodomobile.com/help/call-forwarding

People have reported the call forwarding not working on prepaid. I haven't used prepaid for awhile so I am not sure. If you didn't see that option, then it was not available.
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iPhone has only one setting for Call Forwarding: Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding. Check to make sure It is off.

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Send a message on Twitter or Facebook to customer service and ask them to reset your account on their end.

Setting up call forwarding on prepaid just results in "invalid code" message the last time I tried.