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someone decided to help me after someone else was lazy!!

was ready to cancel my new features visual voicemail and call forwarding because i had a trouble ticket logged a few days ago. I received one call back the next day from someone who said theyd call back in twenty mins didnt hear from them for a day. they didnt make any changes and then today i received a text saying my issue had been resolved which wasnt true. so i called in and a young lady spoke with tech support right away and logged another trouble ticket for me. I was almost ready to cancel all my service with you guys then she stepped up and helped me out right away. I didnt even ask for her name I was so happy someone was ready to help me and let me get on with my day!!!

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I understand your frustration. Had I been in your place, I would have been equally upset. Don't always give up and move on to another company because of the competitive market. Calling back and speaking with someone else usually would resolve the issue immediately. Just remember the agents are fallible humans too. Once you understand that about any other situation, they are humans first and an agent second. In the words of Donald Trump, that tip would change your life "bigly." lol