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Somebody stole my cellphone

  • 12 August 2014
  • 2 replies

If somebody stole my cellphone, can you guys follow the trail of it?

2 replies

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No, carriers cannot track devices like that. However, if you have/had Find my iPhone turned on, then you should be able to see it there. I'm not experienced with the entire system because I'm not an Apple fan but I know some general information. Google has something similar with the default Device Manager and an app called Find my Droid. If you successfully track down and recover your phone, then great. If not, though... then I'm afraid it's time to replace it. Best thing for you to do right now is immediately suspend your service in Self Serve so they can't rack up your bill, and then tell Koodo to flag your phone's IMEI as blacklisted so it can't be used in North America anymore.
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Also, I'd wish him good luck to tr and do something with your phone if Find my iPhone was enabled because if he doesn't have your iTunes password, he can't even restore the phone!