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So if I get a phone that has the tab plus and pick the $65 plan am I able to change afte the tab is paid off ? And y a $65 plan ?

  • 6 August 2015
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3 replies

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EDIT: misunderstood question.

Yes, you can change the plan to anything you want after it's paid off. Or, if you want a regular Tab plan to save some money every month, you can start in that tier from the beginning by paying more upfront for the device you want. iPhones only show the Tab Plus on the website but you can actually get a regular one if you'd like.

The top of the line devices are expensive and have expensive plans to go with them, or you'll have to pay more of a difference upfront. You can't get a Ferrari for the price of a Corolla.
Ok thank just confused it says I have to pick an expensive plan to start witch I don't want to do I just want the cheap one
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Yeah, Apple requires them to show the highest subsidy. You can actually do the math yourself and use the regular Tab.