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SIM will not activate and no Koodo support after buying SIM and plan today!

I switched to Koodo today from Telus. Ported my number from Telus. It is now 1:18am and my old Telus sim is now inactive and my new Koodo sim does not work yet. I bought this plan and activated at 4:02pm on Dec 19. Unable to contact Koodo support via phone or online. Kiosk where I bought the SIM and plan are unable to help. Koodo moderator you better help get this sorted immediately. I am without a phone at the moment in the middle of a snow storm. Koodo and Telus are purposely hanging up on clients that call in for support. I have spent close to 6 hours on the phone as well as web chats to have the call disconnected at exactly 2 hours. Telus and Koodo have some explaining and apologizing to do as well as compensation for this fiasco in the last couple of days. There is no excuse for this type of treatment of your clients and this smells of complete incompetence and a company with zero regard for its clients. The funny thing is when I log into the self serve for this new line it show data and text usage even though the SIM does not work.

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Due to an influx of new activations at the stores, there is a delay in activation. I believe Bernard, an employee, has commented in a similar thread. I recommend restarting your phone now