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SIM chance not working because old SIM is now not activated

  • 25 September 2020
  • 2 replies

I ordered a new, pre-used phone from koodo that was sent to me while I was away. Apparently my Sim card in my old phone was deactivated before I was able to do the sim change. Now I am unable to activate my new Sim card. Please advise

2 replies

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What do you mean your old SIM was deactivated?  Ordering new phone don’t cause old SIM deactivated.  If you upgrade your phone, they will send you a new SIM with it. But you can use old SIM card.

How long you were away?  What happens when you use old SIM in your new phone?

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Do you have an active account? If it is still active (as opposed to suspended/cancelled) you should be able to use the old SIM in your new phone. If not, you should FIRST solve the reason for your account being not active.