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SIM Card Mixup

Hi everyone,

So I recently upgraded my phone and added a second line to my account.

I received my new phone today but accidentally registered the SIM card to the second line [the SIM upgrade page really needs to be simplified...]. My question is if I can use that SIM card for my second line and then register the SIM card which comes with my second line for my main phone.

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Once a SIM card is used, you can't use it for another line any longer, Damian. You should be able to switch back to your old SIM card as long as it is on the same account, but for your new line I'm afraid you may need to get a replacement!
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Once a SIM card is registered to an account it can't be registered to another one unfortunately. You would have to buy another one unless you had 2 unregistered SIMs. If that's the case, yes you can register the second SIM to the first line.
Thanks for your speedy responses! It looks like the second SIM card has already been registered ahead of time by Koodo, so I'll need to get a new SIM for my main phone.