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SIM card doesn't fit in 5C

I have an iphone 4. I just bought the blue 5c and my iphone 4's SIM card doesn't fit doesn't fit into the 5c. Do I just need to get a new SIM card? And will all my contacts be transferred? Or do I have to stat a new plan

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Hi Jodi, It couldn't be simpler: just buy a new SIM card (the correct size), activate it in self service and insert it in your phone - and you're done 🙂 You'll still have to set up your 5c (using iTunes I guess) but you definitely won't need to change your plan!
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You can transfer your contacts with icloud. Super easy! Just enable contacts as one of the things to backup to icloud. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2109
thanks for the feedback guys! I'm going to buy a new SIM card and then transfer my contacts with iCloud! Thank you!