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Shipping time for phone

I purchased an iPhone on Friday and still waiting for a tracking email. When will I recieved my phone roughly as my current phone is dying. I did email the store but no reply. Order Confirmation. Order# - HFO16722409

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Hi Heather,

It usually takes a couple of business days to get the phone shipped out pending the verification Koodo has to do before sending it out to you. Also note that due to increased volumes in sales due to Black Friday sales, it might take a little bit longer than usual to receive your phone.
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Hi Heather - as Mathieu mentioned, it usually takes a few days. I see that your order is still in queue for review and approval to ship. This should get sorted in the next day or so. Once it's been approved, you'll get a confirmation email that it's being shipped along with your tracking number. 
Thanks to both you for the replys. I know it takes a bit to process
I recieved a phone call but it has been very hard to talk to anyone even with leaving a message.
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Hi Heather - I just connected with the team and heard you were able to speak with someone finally. Sounds like things are sorted, but let us know if you have any other questions.