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I ordered an iPhone 7, 156g jet black online on Saturday, August 20 and received the confirmation order and had funds withdrawn from my account right away.
I have yet to receive any shipping or tracking information on my order. 

I was advised by the Kiosk to order the phone online while at the store (they had the phone in stock) because the systems did not update the new pricing that was reflected on the website.

It is now midday on August 23rd and still no update.

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I am also waiting for a shipping number. I ordered on Friday. The 18th I think. I've read that sometimes a shipping email doesn't get sent to you and then you just get your phone. But not sure. Mine is a replacement phone through my 15 day trail period. But we'll see I guess.
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You can contact the webstore for an update on your order. You should receive some sort of notice by the end of the week though.
It's possible the "Sale Sale Saley Sale" has them a bit overwhelmed/back-logged. I know that some phones have been disappearing from the web store (presumably selling out). The phone I ordered is one of the ones that disappeared, so I'm hoping to get a shipping email rather than a "Sorry, it's gone/delayed" email. Especially since I'm currently using a Nexus 6P that can't be trusted below a 90% charge.