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Setting up unlocked iphone6

I have purchased a new unlocked iPhone 6 directly from Apple and want to set it up on a Koodo plan. My current iPhone 4 is with Bell, and I want to transfer the number with me to Koodo. I also want to set up my new iPhone from the backup of my old one to keep all settings the same. The problem I have is that I need a sim card in my new phone to set it up. My old Bell sim is too big for the new phone. It is possible to get a sim from Koodo set up with my current number to take home to do the activation/transfer from iTunes? Any advice on the easiest way to do this is appreciated!

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Hi Jody, Here's what you want to do: 1. Sign-up for Koodo and get a nano sim card. 2. Port your number from Bell to Koodo. You can ask the sales rep to help you with this when you sign-up or you can also do this yourself via the web portal. Your name will need to be the primary account holder. NOTE: Your Bell number needs to be ACTIVE in order for the port to be possible so DO NOT cancel your Bell service before porting. Porting your number over will automatically cancel your service with Bell (i.e. make sure you read your current agreement and check over the cancellation penalties, if any). 3. Plug your iPhone 4 to your computer and complete a full back up via iTunes. You may want to encrypt your back up if you'd like for any saved passwords to be saved. You can get more info on this from Apple's support site here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766 4. Once the back up is complete, plug in your iPhone 6 and chose to restore this from your iPhone 4's back up. PS: You can do steps 3-4 while porting is taking place (this could take anywhere from 20 min - 2 hours). This won't affect anything on the iPhone. Once the port is complete, your sim card will automatically start receiving calls/text from your Bell number. Hope this helps!
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If you want to set up your new iPhone 6, you can just hop down to Koodo and buy a nano sim without even signing up. It Costs $10. Of if you want a Koodo account you can port your number over to Koodo like Peter said above.