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Self serve problems?

So, I was in the Self Serve part, and I paid for the month of October, I even have the bill for it, however, when I received the bill for the month of November it had both months in it.

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Look in self serve the transaction history part. You should see your payment there. Your payment probably got to them after your november bill went you. How did you pay? At bank, credit card?
Credit, everything went through with last payment ( it was my first since getting phone). I have also just looked at the transaction history, it shows when i got the phone, and then it says for the previous payment under the 'Transaction' section 'Payment Recieved', I paid with Pre-Authorized Direct Debit.
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Is it possible you paid the October bill late? When you log in to self serve does it show the correct Current balance? or does that also show both months? If the bill was paid a bit late, its possible that the new bill was generated before the payment was completely processed.
It displays both months combined. And no, I did not pay it late. Should I call and talk about this on the phone with Koodo?
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I wouldn't worry If everything went through. But if you have any doubt about your billing, you can call Koodo *611 from your Koodo phone and talk to them to make sure everything is ok 🙂
Well, my main problem at the moment is that I didn't pay this month's bill yet because the price for this month's bill is both month's price combined 😕
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When is your due date? If you can wait for another day or 2, it might update your "Current balance" on your self serve. Then you can make payment. If it still show you the amount that both month combined, I would call Koodo.
Alright, thanks all for help, I will call Koodo because the due date getting quite close and I wont have much free time after tomorrow. Have a wonderful day, - Alexey