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Self serve not working to get more data on override rate

I've logged into my self serve account several times and when I check the turn on my data at over ride rate nothing happens

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Did you get a text message that your data was stopped.  You should be able to reply to that text message to start your data again
I did get a text with a link to self serve and when I log in there there is a message asking if I want to turn data back on at my overage rate and I proceed to the next page which asks to check the box then continue which I do but then nothing happens
Ok so I never used the link on the initial notification but my data began working while I was unaware and used up the $5.00 per 100 right away but I finally spotted the koododatatopup link and for $20 I should be good till the end of the month. I must have forgot about that option. Sorry for wasting your time, thanks for replying.
I'm in the same boat. I hit my limit and did the 1GB add-on. I've now gone through that but I didn't get a text message and I can't get the overage rate to work on the self-service website. So frustrating.
Once I figured out with the help of others that you have to use the right link to get to the buy more data page and I used up the $20 1gig deal there was an additional one time $10 -300 meg deal and once that is gone your back to the $5-100meg. The problem I found is a lag between purchases and notifications and I had used up one of my 100 megs before I knew it was there because a background app was running. I just ended up turning off data after I hit about &70 in overages.
I don't have access to the top up text. I'm just trying to activate the continue data at my overage rate option.