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Searching for a signal

I recently switched companies from Bell to Koodo after seeing the significantly lower montly costs and great reviews. I received my phone a little over a week ago, but I still continue to have problems with getting sell service, with the top left corner of the phone showing "Searching..." more often than it should be. My partner, who lives with me, has been with Koodo for awhile now, and she never has any problems getting service. I'm wondering if I'm having trouble getting service because my account with Koodo is still recently new (AKA. Can I expect this issue to be resolved within the next few days), or should I be concerned that there may be osmething wrong with the phone a received and I should be contacting the company. 
Just for a few additional details, I bought the iPhone 7, and purchased it online and activated it on September 18th. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm pretty much wondering if this is something I should be concerned about, or if it should resolve itself over the next couple of days... Thanks!