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Sealed, unactivated iPhone can be blacklisted?

I bought sealed and unactivated iPhone(Telus/Koodo locked). Can it be blacklisted?

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It's very easy to seal a phone back up and is frequently done believe it or not. If you didn't buy it from Koodo or Telus there is not much you can do other than report the person you purchased the device from to the local authorities or with the site you did the dealing on(if applicable)
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If the phone was stolen, then yes it could be black listed.  I was selling  sealed iphone when i got mugged.  I made sure that phone was blacklisted
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Someone could take a phone on a subsidy agreement, never pay their bill, then service would be disconnected for nonpayment, and then the carrier would blacklist the phone. The phone could have been never been used and still remain in its original sealed box.