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Says phone usage used 500 mg today but I haven't used my phone

How can I have used over 500 mg of usage today when I haven't used my phone?

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In Settings > Cellular you can see which apps use data. This might give you some idea of where consumption might be. You can also reset to see what happens in the future. You can also choose which Apps can use cellular data. Even though you are not using your phone, some apps can download information in the background.
Phone settings can change how app updates are handled. Most are automatic, by default.
If you are just concerned about the usage and not the billing aspect, this is normal.

But if the usage is affecting your bill, like adding roaming charges, or putting your data over your limit,  you can change your settings to allow app updates manually, or only in a wifi environment.  Check also for a separate settings entry for Software updates - Again, the options are manual download or download over wifi.