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Saving credentials for Koodo self serve shortcut

  • 4 January 2019
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So I added a Safari shortcut on my home screen to access Koodo’s self serve site to monitor usage and so on.

The problem is is that it won’t save my credentials. Every time I need to enter my email and password. Very annoying doing this multiple times per day. Is there ANY way to have the credentials saved?


Best answer by Mats 4 January 2019, 20:12

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4 replies

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I've never used Safari but it should be possible. See if the link below helps.


Thanks Mats!

That helped a lot. I used the iOS password manager to enter credentials and it now fills them in on Koodo’s site after authenticating with Face ID. Not seamless as I still need to tap a couple of times to log in but no longer need to type credentials over and over.

Thanks again!
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@Ddsdude the iOS password manager may be okay, but you might want to look at alternatives--particular if you use multiple platforms--maybe you have a Windows PC at home or work, sometimes use Chrome instead of Safari on your Mac (if you have one), etc. There are several excellent cross-platform cloud-synced password managers out there. I've used LastPass for years, though I know many iPhone users prefer 1Password.

Maybe have a look at these as starting points, if you're interested in learning more:


And some comparisons of the options out there:
Awesome thank you!

The built in password manager in iOS does the job in this case but I’ll definitely look at the third party options for other things.