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Roaming for public Mobile Legacy 40 Plan

I have a public mobile legacy plan ($40/1G). When porting to Koodo I was told that the plan will stay exactly the same as before. There was no roaming charges on my previous PM plan. However, on Koodo's self-serve I don't see the free roaming feature under the plan details - can someone please confirm this please?
Will be travelling out of province - just want to make sure that I won't see any surprises on my bill.

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Hi Hank - are you referring to roaming within Canada or the U.S? If Canada, there are no roaming charges and you're simply using the minutes included within your plan. If you're referring to the U.S., then you would be charged Koodo's pay-per-use rate to roam in the U.S., unless you purchase one of our roaming packages, details for which can be found here