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Roaming Charges

  • 9 April 2020
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There is nothing I love more than living in a border city (Windsor/Detroit) and getting charged with roaming fees from the comfort of my own home. What makes it even better is Koodo assist, which is absolutely useless and a sorry excuse for customer service. I understand that during a pandemic only essential workers are out there (trust me, I appreciate you all -- I am one myself), but to be charging people $30-50 extra on their bill when times are tough and not being able to speak to a representative is beyond appalling. We have no idea how long life will be this way. Are we suppose to just shut up and pay the bill? Get your act together, Koodo. Figure something out. We are all trying to manage here! 

Who else is experiencing this? 

4 replies

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I thought all the easy roam were credited during COVID…? For all billing inquires send a message to Koodo on FB or Twitter.

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First thing, to prevent this please go into your Network settings and change your network from Automatic to Koodo.  This way your phone wont connect a roaming network.


Now regarding your bill, I am surprised you would be getting charged for accidental roaming since Koodo is waiving all roaming fees right now


Can you please login to your self serve and download your pdf ebill and show us a screenshot (back out any personal info) of the overage charge.

I am also having this problem I am on the water on Pike Creek, not even in lake St Clair and getting hit with BS roaming charges. If Koodo can’t tell I am still in Canada I will be leaving again. Came back after 8 years and they still have bad billing issues, before it was text message charges with unlimited.

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Please don’t post the same in various threads… you can start a new topic if you still need answers.