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  • 12 February 2014
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I'm heading to the states for Family Day weekend and I am just wondering either it would be worth it to leave my phone on and use it or turn it off and save the extra cash. I have an iPhone 4 and I'm just curious about the different charges. Can I leave my phone on to use camera and wifi? Or is that impossible? What about roaming? How expensive is it?

3 replies

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You can always turn on airplane mode and enable wifi and the camera to use with no extra charges. If you decide to roam see here for the rates: http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling Or you can always get the US Roaming add-ons at the bottom of this link: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html It really depends on how much you think you will use your phone while in the US
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$1.50/minute for airtime usage, $0.60/message for each text sent or received, $5/MB for any data used while roaming. You can certainly use the phone for camera and wifi, but to be safe I'd suggest removing the sim card, or at least putting the phone into airplane mode and then turning just wifi back on.