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replace damagaed phone

i bought iphone7 on Sep. 16. at South Gate Centre koodo shop (in Edmonton)
it was perfect. shop was good and everything worked fine.

and, 6 days later phone screen was literally messed up.
vertical lines, afterimages happened, anyway screen was total mess.

so i went to apple shop first and ask what this things happened.
one of associate told me i can go to genius bar, but it's just 7 days old.
so, go to koodo shop first and ask them to fully exchange.

so, yeah i went to south gate shop again and show them phone and ask replace.
she really tried to help me. but, system error blah blah thing keep happened.
she couldn't process exchange thing, so i walked away and go to [b]boonie doon shop.
(in edmonton)

they saw my phone and ask if i have full package of my phone.
unfortunately, i didn't have my earpods.

then if i don't have full package, they can't change to new one.
what?! it doesn't make sense at all. it's just earpods! not a lightening cable.
they can just take new earpods and give me rest of package. 
but, they refused it. pretty rigid.

and then, saturday screen has miraculously came back to normal.
yeah, just for few days.
and last night, it's started again.

now, i went to [b]red deer shop at bower place mall. (i'm actually living in stettler)
and they saw my phone, their manager said "this is not our fault, it's physical damage. go to apple shop."
and she refused to replace.

and that manager asked me to have applecare+.
well, i'm pretty sure that is none of your guys business.
buying applecare+ or is my decision not your concern.

why you guys keep asking about applecare+?
applecare+ is one of my option, not an obligation.
you gonna pay for that? i don't think so.

i just really don't get it. your customer service blah blah thing.
you guys sold me bad phone and now go to apple store? 
you the one who paying the price, but i'm paying the price now.
you don't have any responsibility about it?

just sold and that's it?

well, i'm going to southgate shop again this friday for replace.
because, this shop is the only one that really tried to help me.

now i know why people choose major carriers like rogers, telus, bell even if pretty high rates.
this is it. shitty customer service.

you know, keep doing like this if you wanna lose lot of clients.
i'm done with koodo after 2 years term.

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Hello Tony.

Very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at Koodo. Usually, Apple deals with the problems and you should have sticked with them in the first place. Because the phone will eventually be sent back to Apple no matter what. So yeah, forget about the "return" and just go to Apple and make them change your phone.
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Is there any marks on the phone at all, if there is it would show it was dropped and don't expect it to be related for free if that's the case. If there's no marks on it anywhere then you should get it exchanged at Apple like Robert stated above.
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Also if things don't work out, you don't have to wait the 24 months to leave Koodo. As long as you pay off your tab, your no longer tied onto your tab.