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Register my koodo SIM.. panic need help ASAP....

Hi guys! I just flew in from Sweden (not switzerland thanks) I bought a Koodo sim card at Northgate mall in North Bay. I have got the sim card and two reciepts with two 12 digits number (PIN number) where do I type those in. When Im on my way to register at Self-Serve option. It says I have to enter my Koodo phone number... I dont have any phone number for christ sake... Do you know my problem.. Very greatfull for help ASAP. 

Greetings from a little stressed up but yet happy Swede, thank you 🙂

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hi Christoffer,
You could activate your prepaid SIM here :https://activateprepaid.koodomobile.com/

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I dont think anyone here thought Switzerland was Sweden.  Sweden is great at hockey.  Switzerland, not so much