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Refer a friend program - can I 'refer' and apply to receive the credit after the line is set up?

My husband and I switched from Telus to Koodo this past month. Both our numbers are on the same account, but we obviously have separate plans. The rep in store told us that we could sign up for the refer a friend program once we got home and one of us could refer the other giving us a billing credit. (At the time is was $50 which is awesome!) I came home and tried it out and it looks like this only works for someone setting up a NEW account, not two phone numbers within the same account or an existing account. Am I understanding correctly that the rep in store was mistaken in the instructions given to us?

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Yes. An existing customer must nominate a new customer prior to the new customer applying. The new customer then closes the loop once they subscribe.

So, if you became a new customer, and went home and set up your self-serve, you could then nominate your husband, and he could stop by the shop a day or so later and set up a new phone, even if attached to the same account, and you'd reap the benefit.

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Unfortunately, since both accounts are already created, it doesn't work that way. Because as David said, you need to refer someone BEFORE he opens the account. 

If you want your referral, you would need to send an e-mail to the persons responsible for the referral program in order to sort things up! https://referafriend.koodomobile.com/common/contact.pg