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Reception in Toronto to Whitby area

Hi there, I am debating switching to Kodoo but I don't know how good their reception is which is my biggest concern.  Can anyone tell me from experience if they have any issues within the Toronto GTA area and in Ajax/Whitby areas?

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Check this out :)

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Hey I live in the gta (whitby/oshawa) and have never had a problem with service anywhere in ajax/pickering/whitby/oshawa/brooklin/scarborugh etc... Hope this helps 🙂
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And I live in downtown Toronto and my reception is great :)

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I live in the east end of Toronto in West Rouge (Pickering/Toronto border). Service is not good in my home. Although there is a tower quite close, the geography of the area blocks it and my phone connects to one in Ajax resulting in an extremely weak and flaky signal. Dropped calls and unusable data occur on the regular. Otherwise, the coverage is fine when I'm out and about. I frequent the Pickering/Ajax area regularly.