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Received sms from people I did not text

  • 30 September 2013
  • 4 replies

I just recieived some text messages on my I phone from people that i did not text, saying I sent them a photo of a baby flipping the bird.
I thought that I phones could not get viruses ???

4 replies

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It's rare, but it's possible for it to happen. Doesn't necessarily mean that you have on though. It is possible that someone used your phone and sent the text.
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Even a digital picture frame can get a virus. But someone may also be spoofing your number and sending things. It's a weird thing to send, but it's possible. Is there any record of a picture message sent from your messaging app?
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Are you certain that it was an SMS, and not an iMessage? They are two very different things, but both are used through the iOS Messages app. These people who are claiming they received the picture, are they people in your contact list, or are these strangers that are messaging you? Two things come to mind: - You recently installed an app that sent those messages via the messaging app. - Your Apple account has been compromised (although this seems unlikely given that a malicious person could do a lot worse then sending unwanted pictures) - You're receiving spam messages via Apple's iMessaging service.
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hmm this is very strange. it could be a prank text, or maybe someone got hold of your phone and sent a text like this. I suggest blocking this person if you dont know them.