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Received a text regarding roaming while in Canada.

Received a text regarding roaming while in Canada. I was on Vancouver Island on Saturday, talking on the phone to a friend, when I received a text saying "Welcome to the USA" then it went on about being charged roaming fees. I have roaming on my phone turned OFF. I have tried to call Koodo twice, both times there is at least a 20 minute wait. I don't have the time to wait 20 minutes for an answer about the text, and if they were charging me roaming fees while I was still in Canada,and I have a Canada wide plan.

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Vancouver island is close the the US. You get that text when you connect to a US cell tower. You can login to self serve and look at your usage to see if you have and US Roaming charges. If you do, you can feel free to send a message via Facebook to Koodo and ask them to reverse that charges as you were still in Canada. To prevent this from happening you can change your carrier settings to only connect to Koodo towers.
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This happens to me every time when I go to vancouver, but I never got charged for roaming, and it's also one of the reasons why keeping me away from Easyroam.
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You can prevent this quite easily. Go into your phone's settings, network settings, and turn off automatic network selection. The phone will hunt for available networks, choose Koodo and your phone will remain on Koodo even when you're near the US border.

If you later want to travel and use your phone outside of Canada, make sure you revert this setting back to Automatic.