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really bad service

I am reaaly disappointed since I was kodoo custmer and then before moving to the US called them and paid my iphone diffrence and then they told me they would unlock my iphone and when I got the US it turned out they havent done and called them several time they proposed to gett back to Canda to fix problem . It is really unfair and unacceptable .

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Or maybe they started the unlocking process but you didn't restore it through iTunes to finish. If they charged you the $35 and said it was processed then they might have left that information out. Try doing a backup first, restore the phone through iTunes, and then insert your new provider's SIM card to test it.
Actually I did all the process you mentioned and It didnt work . My account now is not active and I should throw out my iphone which I have paid more than 400 $ Really disappointing
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Hey Farhad, Would you mind sending us an email to: http://koo.do/YqucV0 and select "social media", this way we'll be able to take a look into what happen as we don't have access to any account here. Thank you.