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I am Curious to know if I am able to text places in the U.S with just a $15 prepaid plan, I have 2 friends in Ohio, and a Friend in Texas, and I currently have no other way to communicate with them (I have no internet) and I just wanted to know if my plan (just texting) covers texting in the U.S because I don't want to be charged for texting them, but I'd like to be able too.

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Hello Nathan You should be OK since all prepaid plans have international texts.
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If you means you want to text your friend while you are in US, then you can't.
Prepaid plan doesn't work outside of Canada.

You can unlock your phone and get a local SIM, then you can text your friends in US and maybe to Canada that depends on what local prepaid plan you choose.

You can text internationally while you are in Canada as Robert say.
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If you are on prepaid and will spend time in the US, here's a good choice of plans :


Long distance to Canada from the US included at local call rates. SIM available at Target stores. Prepaid cards at any dollar store. No credit check. You'll have a US number for your friends to call without paying long distance. It's the mirror image of Koodo: your SIM will work in the US, but not in Canada.
Thanks to everyone that helped, it means a lot, I sadly won't have the $15 to renew my plan for another week or so anyway, but I'm glad to have such a nice community here! 🙂