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questions regarding iphone 6

Hi i am currently using koodo with 60$ plan per month. I would like to go with the tab of iphone 6. Is there any chance for me to do it online?. Can i keep the same number and just go with the phone?. One more thing, i saw on the website that the gold color is available, but i went to the outlet and they said they don't have it in stock.

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iPhones are only available in store. Yes you can keep your number and current plan and get the phone on Tab M or S. Tab L requires a Tab L plan which I do not recommend. The gold option is fairly recent. Just keep checking various locations for stock
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Tab M is the best deal overall. Tab L are not very good because the Tab L plans are really expensive for what they offer. You can't get iPhones online because they are in store only plus they are in really high demand so it will be difficult to get a certain colour or model.