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Hi, I am a foreigner. This summer I am planning to go back to my country for holiday and I am going to come back in September. So I would like to keep my number until I come back. But It can be deactivated. I don't want to pay any bills during summer. What do I need to do?

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Hi there... You could place your account on Seasonal Hold for 15$ a month, you will be able to keep your existing account and number... If the current plan you have is an expired plan, when you reactivate the services, you will have to choose an in market plan...!
Can I do it online?
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Tony MGL wrote:

Can I do it online?

Yep! Click on plans and add ons/change plan then click the seasonal hold. Keep in mind it's effective right away so don't do this until the day you don't plan on using your services. Also, make sure the bill is still payed in full and on time to prevent being late.