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Pushy/incompetent salesman

  • 14 October 2017
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I bought an iPhone 8 yesterday (but I’ve been with Koodo since 2012) and I was quite unhappy with my experience. I originally went to the store with the plan to buy the $280 tab large promo and the salesmen made me feel like an idiot for considering it and pressured me into the tab medium $440 regular price. I’m well aware that they are on commission too and there were 3 men there pressuring me into the sale. Also, I have HST exemption status in Ontario seeing how I recently became a registered status First Nation in Canada and the salesmen didn’t know how to fix my account or purchase to be HST exempt from now on. I posted on this forum recently and was told that this change could be made in person. So, can I go to another location and have my tab and account changed to what I initially wanted and get refunded the difference?

2 replies

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Hello there, 

You have 15 days ton return your phone and purchase what you initially wanted which is the phone on the Large tab.
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Thanks for posting your feedback Crystal! I see the store that you bought your ihpone 8 at. Our reps don't commissioned differently based on the tab size they sell. Since I wasn't there I can really assess the situation. The rep likely had the best intention to suggest tab medium. While this requires a greater upfront payment plan prices are often cheaper. Yo are on a 3gb plan for $65. The equivalent tab large plan is $74. So it's a choice between paying more up front for lower price plans or pay less up front but get higher priced plans. Does this make sense? 

For the exemption, you would have to fill out a form. Pls contact us on Facebook via private messaging.

Also, I see that you bought AppleCare with your purchase. That is correct, right?