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Purchased International combo for 40 $ for Caribbean trip but my bill received shows roaming charges .Why i s that?

Hi , I have been recently returned from a 10 days business trip to Caribbean. I have purchased a 40$ plan for international roaming. my bill just came now and I have been charged 225$ for roaming plus, plus for texting and other stuff. Where do I have to address this issue?thanks

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Check Page 3 of your bill. If you are not satisfied, post a screenshot of the page here without showing any private information, or call 611 or 1-866-99KOODO, or contact Koodo on Facebook or Twitter.
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As per NJPB your bill will show the details for the calls. However, for you it will be on page 6 where these call details show. I can see quite a few calls from international destinations. Send us a private message on Facebook (much more convenient than waiting on the phone) so we can share the details with you and take a closer look. Just a heads up, satellite calls (if one is on a ship/cruise) are not included in the add-ons, if indeed that's what happened.